Report from the International Summer Festival, Duisburg

The Duisburg international summer fest was held at the University of Duisburg, on the 1st of June, 2017. It is an annual festival organised by the university administration to serve two main purposes amidst many others;

  1. To foster cross-cultural relations amongst students from diverse countries.
  2. to promote inter-relations between Germany(the host country) and international students.

To participate in this event, students (individually or collectively) must apply to the university body as representative of their home country. In turn, the university allocates a sum of 75€ to each represented country. This 75€ is used by each country to decorate their tents with cultural artifacts, flags etc, as well as prepare small chops peculiar to their home countries to be served in small portions to guests visiting each tent, checking out these various unique cultures.

Furthermore, it is important that guests be treated with adequate courtesy, attended to, and given bits of information, which to an extent corrects any kind of misinformation or wrong stereotype they might already have.

The difference between the Nigerian tent and other tents was the fact that Nigerian students from various universities across NRW graced the occasion. Our tent was bubbling with unity, our peculiar boisterous laughter, cultural attires adorned by graceful male and female students, and above all our most popular dance moves. Guests and students from other countries who visited our tent were impressed by the show of harmony, especially when they asked if we were all studying right there at their university and we all responded in the negative. Most of us had to travel 2 to 4hrs to attend the festival and this is something worth mentioning and applauding.

We had posters of notable Nigerians e.g Chimamanda Adichie, Anthony Joshua, Aliko Dangote etc; books from Wole Soyinka, Chimamanda Adichie, China Achebe etc and pictures of notable cultural landmarks displayed on our table to be gazed at and appreciated by guests. Chinchin, Plantain chips and pepper-spiced gizzard was served as small chops. The guests enjoyed the spiced gizzard, asking for more and bringing their friends to our tent to also have a taste of this unique peppered small chop.

Some students were in charge of talking to guests, answering their questions, dancing with them, and in general making our tent a fun place to visit.

It was a successful event, and we are absolutely sure an impact no matter how small was made on people, correcting whatever misinformation they might have about us.

Click here for the impressions from the event.

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