December 22, 2020

Past Executives (2019)

Onyekachi D. Ozoemenam | President


Onyekachi D. Ozoemenam is a MSc Biomedical Engineering Student of University of Applied Sciences Aachen. He is Passionate about empowering human potentials. In his free time, he enjoys playing Table Tennis with friends and optimising business processes and profitability using data analysis and Technology.


Youpele Michael | Secretary

Youpele Secretary


As of when this webpage was first published, Youpele Michael is a master’s student at University of Applied Sciences Aachen studying medical physics. He is working in Uniklinik Koeln as a data scientist, in which he uses state of the art deep learning techniques to create deep learning models that automatically identify and segment tumours in CT/MRI 3D and 4D scans. Thus, assisting radiologists and physicians carry out their tasks more efficiently.
He is a tech enthusiast, a fervent reader, an avid video gamer, and has a strong passion for entrepreneurship.


Ayotomiwa Aina |Director of Finance

Ayotomiwa Financial secretary

Ayotomiwa Aina is a student of TU Dortmund, studying Manufacturing Technology MSc. with an interest in cost-effective automated lightweight manufacturing systems. He is also passionate about basic human rights for all.


Yusuf Ismaila Francis |Public Relations Officer (PRO)

Francis DOS

Yusuf Ismaila Francis  is a doctoral student at the graduate school of Chemistry and Biochemistry at Ruhr University Bochum (RUB). He graduated from RUB with a master’s degree in molecular medicine and a bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from Obafemi Awolowo University. Francis is a native of Okene and he is a former employee of the National Biotechnological Development Agency Abuja. He is the founder of Legend Tutorial College, Abuja, and a co-founding member of Fidelity centre for strategic thinking, a business consulting firm. Francis previously served as Public Relations Officer (PRO) of NiSiG NRW. In his free time, Francis loves to play tennis and other sport. He is also a traveling enthusiast and a game lover