NiSIG NRW presents Entrepreneurship Competition

Nisig NRW is having the first of its kind “entrepreneurship competition” which definitely won’t be the last. Interested participants are expected to submit a short expose of their idea. Not only are the first 2 winners gonna go home with a cash gift. More important is writing your plan and sharing it with our excellent jury and members of the house, thereby gaining insights, interests and helpful criticism. A dream not written down or shared is simply a dream. A dream shared is halfway solved, with the puzzles strategically discussed. Take a step by bringing it into actuality.

Entrepreneurship isn’t just a single person undertaking a business and making into an empire. Most times, it takes collective effort, interest, participation and most importantly collating individual skills into a single strong structure/entity. 

Collectively, we can do great things and push ourselves to the pinnacle of success.

Submit your BIG IDEA on or before November 20, 2017


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