German Student Visa and how to successfully obtain one

Apeh Chris

In this blog, i will simply go through the simplicity of getting admission in German universities especially at master level (note: Bachelor studies are not left out too) and the certainty of getting your student visa after acquiring all necessary documents and familiarize yourself with the procedures which I can confidently say 99 percent. It is not out of exaggeration but simply facts.

First thing, you will want to know about German university education system is that it is free and you don’t have to pay school fees for almost all the universities compared to other universities in advanced countries like USA, UK, Canada, now Finland etc. Have I drawn your attention and interest? Simply visit the German educational website below to get an hint of what I am talking about:

Please, simply click or copy and paste the link in your browser and edit the entry for your desire course as well as navigate around the website to get some more relevant information about different kind of education system in Germany, scholarship possibility etc.

Having put this out there, you might be wondering where to start from, what you need and are the information you got on the website overwhelming that you couldn’t process it all at once. In the following, I am going to outline in details the step by step procedure from finding your desired course, universities that offer the course, application, sending your supporting documents, waiting time, admission, embassy requirements ranging from block account or sponsor’s certificate etc, accommodation and final arrival in Germany.


Firstly, you need to find the right course for you which is related to your Bachelor. I will write in a moment about people that wants to come to Germany to study bachelor and the language study.
For Masters’ applicant, as I have said earlier, you need to visit the link above and find 2 to 3 universities that offer course you are interested in so you could be guaranteed of admission if you have average GPA. After finding the right course and universities that are offering them for free, you might want to start the application right away depending on the stated application period and deadline stated in the university website.
Now, you have the course, the universities and the information you need to apply. Most Universities have online application portal, so, you could simply fill it out, print and start preparing all the necessary supporting document that you are required mostly to send by postal mail to the university address. Most relevant documents are PHOTOCOPIES of your Waec certificate, Bachelor certificate, university academic transcript, your passport photograph, online portal application form and NOTE all these documents most be CERTIFIED (i.e Certified True copy from Notary office or Court).
Note that academic transcript you will have to apply for at your old university in mostly Examination and records office. It takes few days to weeks to get it so you might want to apply on time and of course you can fasten the process too!
After you have all documents and have them CERTIFIED, you will need to send the documents to the university address. Normally, you can send the document through NIPOST but i will recommend you send it through private post because of certainty of having your document delivered (from experience). After like 2 weeks to 1 months of the university application deadline, you can check your application status, which is often through the online portal, to know if you get admission or not.
If you got admission, congratulation!!! You can proceed to the next step of your journey to Germany. Scroll down to the section on GENERAL STUDENT VISA APPLICATION FOR MASTERS, BACHELORS AND LANGUAGE COURSE STUDENTS.
                               APPLICATION FOR A BACHELOR STUDY PROGRAM

For those that want to apply to Bachelor study, the application procedures are similar to Masters study, but there is one requirement which is German language because most Bachelor programs in Germany are offered in German language( there are some exceptional e.g Fachhochschule Soest, Business administration with informatics). You need to have at least B2 level of German language and pass TestDAF in order for you to be considered for admission.
The next question that will come to your mind is how can someone get B2 level in German which is almost impossible while in Nigeria or your home country. There is always a solution. The usual way is for you to apply to pre-bachelor program which is language course that will allow you to study only German language. Each level starting from A1, you get 3months visa with almost automatic renewal for the next level if you of course have enrollment certificate for the next level.

Note, language course cost money for each of the level. It ranges between 250 euros to 350 euros.
Depending on the city the language school you are applying to, you get work permit along the 3 month visa but most cities do not give work permit along with 3 months language student visa. However, you can always change the language school at each level after you landed in Germany and find city that give work permit if you want work at the same time.

After you’ve completed your language course, attained B2 level and eventually pass the TestDaF, you can easy and quickly find a Bachelor study of your choice with almost certainty of getting admission while you are already in Germany.



This section you might want to read carefully and thoroughly because it’s most important and you don’t want to miss any step. I will outline in details everything you need from embassy required documents, block account or Sponsor’s certificate, booking an appointment at the embassy and predetermined interview questions as well as do’s and don’t during the interview.
Immediately you got notification of admission(Placement in case of language course), you might want to start processing everything and all the document you need because time is not always of access between the time of admission notification and resumption date. First, one of the embassy requirement is that you are able to show you can sponsor yourself. Kindly download the pdf student checklist Checklist_Studenten.
In the Checklist, one important thing to actually the heading : Proof of financial means for one year by one of the following options:
a) Confirmation of blocked German bank account bearing an amount of minimum 7.908,-€

b) official German declaration of sponsorship („Verpflichtungserklärung“) for the purpose of studies/ language course given before the competent German authority (Please note: Financing is usually only secured if declarant resides in Germany)

c) proof of scholarship of a German/ European organization covering the arising costs.




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